The 17th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival
August 28-30

Sidewalk Film Festival is produced by the Alabama Moving Image Association, a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to inspire, encourage and support filmgoers, the city of Birmingham and the filmmaking community. In addition to hosting the annual film festival, we host monthly networking and educational events, a monthly documentary series, short film and screenwriting competitions, manage a youth board and a variety of other year-round programs. 

Tickets sales to our events cover approximately 1/3 of our annual operating cash budget, so we depend on corporate sponsors, grant-making organizations and individuals like you to survive. if you’d like to know more about supporting Sidewalk, please contact us at sidewalk@sidewalkfest.com.

This schedule is subject to change.

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Documentary Shorts [clear filter]
Saturday, August 29

1:55pm CDT

Saturday Doc Shorts Sponsored by Postgenie
Limited Capacity seats available

Stella Walsh
Dir: Rob Lucas
RT 14 min. USA
Stella Walsh was one of the most celebrated female athletes on the planet. Her popularity continued for decades after winning a gold medal in the 1932 Olympics, until she was killed in a robbery and it was discovered that she was of ambiguous gender.

The House is Innocent
Dir: Nicholas Coles
RT: 13 min. USA
Tom and Barbara's new home has a notorious past and it's going to take more than a fresh coat of paint to whitewash its macabre history.

In the Hollow
Dir: Austin Lee Bunn
RT 15 min. USA
The story of the 1988 shooting of girlfriends Claudia Brenner and Rebecca Wight by a 'mountain man' named Stephen Roy Carr.

Dir: Ann Husaini, Emily Lobsenz
RT: 12 min. USA
An intimate portrait of Sandor Katz, a famous food author and fermentation guru who became obsessed with fermentation when a health crisis led him to move to an off-the-grid commune.

Trash, Manufactured
Dir: Christopher Jones
RT: 15 min. USA
Marine scientist Dr. Marcus Eriksen uses artwork to raise awareness about the detrimental impacts of plastics on aquatic ecosystems.

Shirley's Kids
Dir: Michael Paulucci
RT: 10 min. USA
Shirley Chambers lost her four children to gun violence in America's most dangerous city, Chicago. A microcosm for Chicago gun violence and the national gun debate, this film celebrates the lives of and relives the deaths of Carlos, LaToya, Jerome, and Ronnie through the eyes of the person who loved them more than anything in the world.

Down the Drain
Dir: Carlos Estrada
RT 11 min. USA
After a failed sewage project left Jefferson County in debt and eventually bankruptcy, sewage infrastructure continues to be a statewide issue in Alabama. The reasons behind these failed systems are complex, often resulting from corruption or bad investments, and there is no easy solution.

This Is Not the End
Dir: Hilary Campbell
RT 6 min. USA
A look into the life of the Campbell family as they are now.

The Little Deputy
Dir: Trevor Anderson
RT: 9 min. Canada
Trevor tries to have his photo taken with his father.

Saturday August 29, 2015 1:55pm - 3:41pm CDT
ASFA Recital Hall 1800 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35203

3:15pm CDT

Alabama Doc Shorts 1 Sponsored by Silvertron and Davis Architects
Limited Capacity seats available

Accidental Environmentalist
Dir: Kristine Stolakis
RT 12 min. USA.
John Wathen was just an average guy until coming into contact with toxic chemicals, stumbling upon a video camera, and discovering his passion for protecting the world's waters. Watch this Alabama native's transformation into an internationally recognized environmentalist.

Dir: Véronique Vanblaere
RT 2 min. USA
A Belgian woman seeks citizenship in the United States, and finds that her experiences are bottomless.

N.T. 11 11 31
Dir: Summer Upchurch, Katharine Buckley
RT 11 min. USA
In 2007, three local Montgomery boys vandalized the Confederate Memorial on the state capitol grounds by spray-painting the faces and hands of soldiers black. The act of vandalism reveals underlying issues of racial inequality, a questionable portrayal of southern history, and the difficulty people find in sustaining a dialogue about race in the South.

Collinsville Trade Day, 1988
Dir: Jason Keener, Charles Keener
RT 7 min. USA
A vintage 1988 home video of the popular outdoor market in Collinsville, used to create a personal view of a small town's culture.

Frank and Bowie
Dir: Tamara Varner
RT 5 min. USA
An exploration of a young man's relationship with his vehicle.

Dir: Patrick Sheehan
RT 16 min. USA
A film following Roy 'Futureman' Wooten (of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) as he discusses and works with his various musical inventions, including a piano based on the periodic table and the newest piano he used to compose the soundtrack he has composed for his upcoming feature film about the Black Mozart.

Seizing the Unrecorded
Dir: Ingrid Pfau
RT 29 min. USA
A film exploring the connection between the filmmaker's career and her battle with epilepsy.

Dir: Matt Henton, Lane McCaig
RT 10 min. USA
Recent research reveals the devastating impact of feral and outdoor cats on wild songbird populations, but what is the answer to cat over-population?

Pursuit of Hippo-ness
Dir: Alan E. Franks
RT 26 min. USA
A film about hippos and the people who love them.

Saturday August 29, 2015 3:15pm - 5:10pm CDT
ASFA Black Box Theatre 1800 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35203
Sunday, August 30

1:40pm CDT

Alabama Doc Shorts 2 Sponsored by Davis Architects
Limited Capacity seats available

Pathways: Robin's Story
Dir: Patrick Sheehan
RT 9 min. USA
This short film tells the inspiring true story of one woman's journey from prison and homelessness to a new life.

Dir: Adam Roffman, Luke Poling
RT 14 min. USA
Deep in the wilds of rural Alabama, a spear-hunter proclaims himself the world's greatest and erects a museum dedicated to his own obsession. In this atmospheric and darkly funny documentary, an offbeat cast of lovers, acolytes, and critics of the megalomaniacal spear-hunter remember his distinctive tactics both for killing and for leaving a legacy.

Veterans Day Reunion
Dir: Ian J. Cunningham
RT 10 min. USA
The National Veterans Day Parade began in Birmingham, Ala. Over the years, it has become so much more than a parade.

4th Down
Dir: Kourtney Cowart, Michael Shikany
RT 12 min. USA
University of Alabama at Birmingham students, faculty, and boosters react to the termination of the UAB football program and work together for its reinstatement.

Maid in Dixie
Dir: Annelise Moreau, Rachael Hartley
RT 10 min. USA
An exploration into how some Southern women identify themselves in a culture steeped in the traditional ways of the mythical Old South.

Take Only Memories
Dir: Robert Clay, Gigi Douban
RT 10 min. USA
What goes in the attic stays in the attic. Until an army of pickers comes in and takes the family photos to the thrift shop. What happens next is a look at the strange world of people who take the memories of others into their own hands.

Dir: Robin Berghaus
RT 10 min. USA
When filmmaker Will Lautzenheiser suddenly becomes a quadrilateral amputee, he must face a world he never imagined, including his first stand-up comedy show.

"The Truth" Up and Coming
Dir: Sonya Mitchell
RT 20 min. USA
An inspiring story about a young lady named Carla Youngblood, who makes a unique transition from working in corporate America to performing comedy in America.

White Statues
Dir: Abbie Wilson, Brett Shaw
RT 9 min. USA
"White Statues" looks at the difficulties in preserving history from the antebellum time period with accuracy from all perspectives.

Dir: Piyush Borse, Karan Jani
RT 10 min. USA
An inside look at the Birmingham Police Department as it became a national model for community policing with the changes it has made since the 1960s.

Dir: Mary D. Recio, Katie Howard
RT 9 min. USA
A story about the Birmingham Sugar Babies -- a group of women who found community in dance later in life.

Sunday August 30, 2015 1:40pm - 3:45pm CDT
ASFA Lecture Hall 1800 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35203

4:10pm CDT

Sunday Doc Shorts
Limited Capacity seats available

Dir: Meg Smaker
RT 16 min. USA
One woman defies Fidel Castro's ban on female boxing to follow her dreams of Olympic glory and become Cuba's first female boxer.

I Thought I Told You to Shut Up!!
Dir: Charlie Tyrell
RT 13 min. Canada
In the late 1970s, David Boswell created Reid Fleming, the World's Toughest Milkman, a comic book anti-hero and counter culture icon. Now, over 30 years later, the character is still mired in contractual limbo or development hell.

Dir: Diane Hodson, Jasmine Luoma
RT 23 min. USA
A meditative portrait of Denis Wood, an iconoclastic psychographer and convicted sex offender. The film explores the events that have defined his life by pointing at ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that we usually do not think of as being mappable or explainable.

American Renaissance
Dir: Ryan Scafuro, Jarred Alterman
RT 10 min. USA
Explore the fantastic world of Elizabethan England… in a small town in upstate New York. “American Renaissance” takes you on a rollicking journey to one of the largest renaissance faires in the US.

Klan Rally in Chapel Hill 1987
Dir: Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley
RT: 4 min. USA.
A marriage of sound and photos from a Ku Klux Klan rally in Chapel Hill, N.C., in June 1987.

Dir: Tresa Ponnor
RT: 10 min. Australia
A story about fathers: one physical, one spiritual. A young Vietnamese-Australian man and his father share their journeys of sacrifice, isolation and freedom.

Dockery & Son
Dir: Jack Truman
RT 13 min. USA
Real-life mother and son filmmaking team Opal Dockery and Jack Truman share an eye-opening slice of life from a day in the life at their real life thrift store in the ghost town of Milford, Missouri: population 26.

Dolphin Lover
Dir: Kareem Tabsch, Joey Daoud
RT: 15 min. USA
The true story of Malcolm Brenner and his romantic and sexual love affair with Dolly, a captive bottlenose dolphin.

Bad Boy of Bowling
Dir: Bryan Storkel
RT 19 min. USA
The past, present, and future of bowling as seen through the eyes of Pete Weber, the championship winning and self declared "bad boy of bowling."

Sunday August 30, 2015 4:10pm - 6:15pm CDT
ASFA Black Box Theatre 1800 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35203