The 17th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival
August 28-30

Sidewalk Film Festival is produced by the Alabama Moving Image Association, a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to inspire, encourage and support filmgoers, the city of Birmingham and the filmmaking community. In addition to hosting the annual film festival, we host monthly networking and educational events, a monthly documentary series, short film and screenwriting competitions, manage a youth board and a variety of other year-round programs. 

Tickets sales to our events cover approximately 1/3 of our annual operating cash budget, so we depend on corporate sponsors, grant-making organizations and individuals like you to survive. if you’d like to know more about supporting Sidewalk, please contact us at sidewalk@sidewalkfest.com.

This schedule is subject to change.
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Scott Hamilton

Scott and Matt Hamilton have been making films and short videos since early high school (or if you want to be technical, since the age of 5 with their Dad and a VHS camera). Originally from Wichita Falls, the brothers recruited anyone they could get to be a part of their filmmaking effort. Foregoing the traditional film school route, the group jumped head first into their first feature film, a rollerblading comedy call "Wild in the Streets", while still in college.

Fast forward five years and that film is complete! Over the course of the long production, the brothers also produced a short film with Mr. Belding from "Saved by the Bell" that premiered at the LA Comedy Shorts Festival. They are currently living in Austin, TX with their wives and working full time with production company Arts+Labor. They also still rollerblade every now and then.

My Filmmakers/Artists Sessions

Saturday, August 29