The 17th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival
August 28-30

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Paul D. Hart

Three Fingers Movie
Los Angeles, CA
Born in Louisville, KY, Paul grew up all throughout the southeast before relocating to California. He studied at the Los Angeles Film School graduating with honors while attaining an editing major and directing minor. Since that time, Hart has contributed to the indie film-making community, not only as a writer and director, but as a skilled gaffer and cinematographer. His current film, Three Fingers, is Hart's fourth directorial endeavor.

Director’s Statement:

Twenty-two. That's the number of war veterans that take their own lives every day in the United States. The number of those that are women is steadily increasing. Sometimes a storyteller finds inspiration that leads to and coincides with a subject matter that needs to be told. Three Fingers, for me, is that story.

I strove to make a film that is not only artistic and accessible, but at the same time sheds light on major physical and mental illnesses that plague many veterans who have volunteered to serve our country. Dealing with mental illness in my own family, I am cognizant of the need for a better public understanding of mental health and trust that our vision on the screen can be a conduit for raising such awareness. With several active and retired Marines already helping us through outreach and consultation, we are well on our way to achieving this goal.

As the script was very visual in nature, the film relies heavily on the imagery as well as rich immersive soundscapes to tell the story. Our sound designer, Ugo Derouard and Composer Sarah Lipstate (aka Noveller) promise to be integral collaborators to help me realize my vision while accentuating the beautiful footage from our Cinematographer Shawn Grice.

Three Fingers is an intimate story of a very personal struggle. Our lead, Virginia Newcomb, carries a burning subtlety and a visually compelling skill set that brings "Jessie" to life while rooted in a raw realism. As her portrayal of this deeply wounded character elevates the film, her involvement as creative producer firmly grounds the female perspective.

The overwhelmingly positive response we have received throughout the production of Three Fingers has been humbling and massively exciting. The group of artists we have compiled to work on the film, thus far, is thrilling and continues to surpass my wildest dreams.
~Paul D. Hart writer/director